Family means everything to the Coleys. David and Sharron, both raised in single parent households, had a strong desire to break the cycle of divorce that affected their lives. They coveted a healthy, long lasting marriage that would provide the most ideal foundation for their precious children. A tight knit family was their mission and that’s exactly what they manifested.

Even though their children are currently away in college, the hundreds of miles that separate them assuredly don’t weaken the bond that binds them together. In fact, separation is nothing new for this family of four. With both military parents devoted to serving their country through deployments, at times, those vital assignments meant living on opposite sides of the U.S. David recalls being away from home for his son’s first two years of high school, but working fervently with Sharron to plan family vacations where they could enjoy quality time as a complete unit. Separation didn’t break them then and the same holds true today.

Nowadays, the family still loves bonding by traveling to new places and marveling at the sights, but they take just as much joy in meeting up for sporting events. Their oldest runs track for the Clemson Tigers and their youngest is on the volleyball team at Virginia Tech – unsurprisingly, both are phenomenal. Like their father, who ran cross-country as teen, the Coley children have athleticism surging through their veins.

If David and Sharron aren’t in the stands rooting their children on, you may find the entire family sitting around the table throwing down during a competitive round of Uno, or on the living room couch watching a late night movie. Whether traveling, competing or encouraging one another, one thing is for sure: their bond is unbreakable.

David and Sharron don’t take the gift of parenting lightly. They hope to further their legacy by continuing to pursue financial freedom, unwavering faith in God and service to their country and community. These flagship principles are pillars that they’ve fostered and passed down to their children, who will in turn instill the same values in their own.