Often, we hear that money can’t buy happiness. While this age-old adage is true, financial comfort undoubtedly eases many of the stresses that come with daily life. Our society is built around the exchange of money. From the simplest of deeds to the grandest of responsibilities, money is a determining factor that dictates what we have access to and at what quality. Consequently, financial freedom is life changing.

Financial freedom is achieved by having enough money to live life to the fullest without undue concern about the cost. This liberty creates financial room for emergencies, travel and day-to-day leisure. But above all else, it creates choice. When money is removed from the equation, you have the freedom to make decisions that are based on desire instead of necessity. Instead of forcing your life to fit within a restricted budget, you have the ability to choose the most ideal products, places and care while allowing your budget to fall in line. Simply put, financial freedom lends way to the ability to say yes and that’s the payoff that David and Sharron Coley were looking for.

David and Sharron wanted to ensure they’d never have to turn down an opportunity or experience again. With two solid careers in the military, they’d already achieved financial stability. However, the couple knew retirement was inevitable and wanted to plan ahead. With their future in mind, they decided that entrepreneurship was the perfect next step in their financial journey. They started by having a clear and defined goal, then finding mentors who truly believed in them. David and Sharron stayed hungry, yet humble, and relied on their mentors to be their primary influence regarding their financial freedom. Lastly, they remained cognizant of their own impact as business owners. For David and Sharron, it was about more than becoming financially free for themselves, but also being a physical representation of the quote: “The beauty is in the color of the rainbow; anyone can win when you decide you can.” Financial freedom is for people from all socioeconomic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds – and the Coleys are determined to be living proof.