4 Ways to Stay Connected During COVID-19

Socially distancing, traveling nerves, and trying to stay home have made staying connected with family and friends a hard endeavor. However, trying to stay safe doesn’t have to leave you feeling socially isolated. There are many ways to keep your friendship and familial connections strong – even during these trying times. Alas, humans are naturally social creatures, and making connections with others keeps us thriving. Here are some suggestions that might help you feel connected to friends and family: 

Pick up the phone and call

Life is busy – even during the pandemic. However, you shouldn’t allow everyday shenanigans to make you lose touch with people of value in your life. Instead, call them. It sounds simple enough but with social media being such a core element in our daily interactions with others, many choose to message instead. Calling gives you the intimacy of a real conversation in real-time. Also, when calling, you show the other person that they’re worth your time.

Host an online movie night

Miss going to the theater with family and friends and taking part in the on-the-side commentary? Watch your favorite TV shows and movies with family and friends again with the help of Teleparty (formerly known as Netflix Party). Teleparty synchronizes video playback and adds group chat to Netflix, Disney, Hulu, and HBO. This free Chrome extension allows you to link up with friends again and host long-distance movie nights and TV watch parties.

Exercise virtually together

Now more than ever, people are looking for new ways to exercise and move while minimizing their interactions with others. Although the setting of a group exercise is hard to recreate in your own living room, no one said you couldn’t at least try. A great way to solve this problem is to exercise virtually by following a free online workout video and having a friend join you virtually from their home. Now, the two of you can exercise together!

Start an online book club

Reading doesn’t have to be an individual activity. It can also become a tool to connect with others via live discussions and online meet-ups! Invite your bookish friends and family to read a book alongside you and set up a calendar to discuss chapters as you read together. Not only will you get to understand your friend’s and family’s perspectives on the book at hand, but you will also have an excuse to see them routinely by video calling them or by messaging through the book club group chat!

Social connections are the threads that bind our communities together. Make sure to prioritize human interactions and finding meaningful ways to stay connected to those you love even during physical distancing and social isolation.

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