3 Tools To Help You During Bible Study

The Bible is a marvelous book full of God’s words, first-hand accounts from disciples, and detailed retellings of awe-inspiring events. However, the text can sometimes be complex and difficult to master. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources that can make Bible study it easier. Here are three tools to help you better understand the Bible.

Bible Dictionary

Many of the terms, locations and people in the Bible are foreign to modern-day readers. This is why a Bible dictionary is essential. This specialized dictionary digs into the background of the native language, theology, and even geography of the unique aspects of the Bible. With extra background knowledge, complex passages become easier to understand and interpret. There are many different types of dictionaries available, so do your research to find a few that meet your needs.

Bible Commentaries

Bible commentaries are study aids written by theologians who explain passages of the Bible. Theologians dedicate many years to studying religion and the intricacies of God’s Word. Consequently, their interpretations are held in high esteem. Some commentaries cover only one testament or time period, while others dissect the entire book. Understandably, different teachers have different perspectives, so invest in more than one Bible commentary to learn from multiple points of view.

Bible Study

Church leaders understand that the Bible is complicated. Most have responded by holding weekly Bible studies for people who wish to gain a better comprehension of the text. Whereas the sermon is intended to impart encouragement and knowledge in the form of a speech, Bible study is geared toward a two-way, small group conversation. In Bible study you are allowed to ask questions, discuss your thoughts, and digest the Bible piece by piece. If you enjoy in-depth analysis and interpersonal communication, Bible study is the perfect tool for you. 

We seek the Bible for its comforting words, inspiration, and guidance. With such a powerful resource at our fingertips, it’s important that we take the necessary steps to truly grasp what is being said. Use these three tools to obtain a clearer understanding of God’s word and rejoice in the resulting growth in your journey of faith. 

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