3 Christmas Day Activities The Whole Family Will Enjoy

There’s always great anticipation leading up to Christmas day. We decorate our houses in celebration, pile gifts under the tree and buy advent calendars to help us countdown. But once the morning of the 25th arrives and the presents have been opened, the rest of the day can seem somewhat anticlimactic. Instead of allowing all of the Christmas day excitement to end as soon as the crumpled wrapping paper hits the floor, why not extend the fun throughout the day? Here are three Christmas day activities that the whole family will enjoy. 

1. Have a Talent Show

Everyone has a talent. Whether they can tell a few jokes, do a magic trick, perform a monologue, or show off their awesome math skills, each family member has an impressive skill to present. As a group, you can set the parameters for your talent show. You can even designate a specific area of the house as the stage, and incorporate costumes, set designs and props. To make things more interesting, you can challenge the family to come up with team talent performances, a group talent for the whole family, and even one for your pets! Remember, this is for fun, so you can be as silly or creative as you’d like. Don’t forget to record these performances so you can show your children how much fun they had at the Christmas day talent show twenty years ago!

2. Create Something

The next activity is for the artists, crafters and creatives. It’s a rare occasion to have the entire family in one place, unoccupied, without obligations for the day. Take advantage of the break in schedule and create something. Anything. Make a family splatter painting, a collage of old pictures, a picture frame made from items collected during a nature walk, or a quilt. Keepsakes comes in many different forms, just like art does. Sitting down to create something special as a family is a unique bonding experience that could become a cherished holiday tradition. Once created, the art you make together becomes a tangible memory of the day that the family can look back on forever.

*Make sure you have all necessary supplies before Christmas day, as most stores will be closed

3. Family Baking Contest 

It’s time to pull those aprons out! The last Christmas day activity is a family baking contest. Even if your family doesn’t cook on a normal basis, don’t let that stop you from trying this one out. Cookies, cakes, pies, brownies (and any other baked goods that come to mind) are fair game for this event. Divide your family into teams and decide what you want to make. Feel free to use Pinterest recipes, YouTube tutorials, cooking show inspiration, recipe books, or any other resources that will help you make your dessert. Keep in mind, this is a family affair, so it’s a friendly baking competition and the real objective isn’t to find a winner, but to wind up with several tasty treats at the end of the contest.   

*Make sure you have all necessary ingredients before Christmas day, as most stores will be closed

One of the best parts of the holiday season is making new memories with the people you love most. These three Christmas day activities will help you do just that! Save them for inspiration get ready to enjoy a fun-filled day with your family.

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