How to Strengthen Your Faith in Troubled Times

Strong faith is tested in times of suffering and when storms of life rise. Nobody is exempted from suffering in this world. Temptations keep on coming one after the other, and you might feel like throwing in the towel at some point.   

However, there is a way out through the faith you have. If it’s enough, then you will walk through the storms victorious. What is faith? It is having complete trust in someone or something regardless of what’s at hand. This article will discuss ways through which you can strengthen your faith.  

1. Pray for strength and guidance

Sometimes when you are going through difficult times, you might feel weak and lost. However, it is good to know that God is with you in that difficult situation.  Asking for strength from God is an excellent way of keeping hope alive amidst the pain, confusion, and fear. God also gives you guidance on how you can go through some situations. He might give you ideas on what you can do about the problem and overcome it.  

2. Associate with believers

There is power in fellowship, and associating with other believers will be a way of strengthening your faith. In the fellowships, you will have the believers pray for you and encourage you. Some will even give testimonies of how God pulled them through difficult times that seemed harsh for them. Their words might be what you need to pull through.  

3. Read the scriptures

The word of God is strong and powerful, and relying on it will be helpful in times of trouble. It will speak to your mind and heart and bring out inner strength. You cannot trust in God if you don’t know what His word says about you.  When you read through His promises over your life, you remain hopeful that they will come to pass. God’s word is a source of strength, peace, and joy. You can also get guidance and instructions from God through His word about the specific problem troubling you.  

4. Remain positive

Positive thinking does not mean that your troubles will go away. It is inner self-talk that ignores the physical happenings and tells you that you shall overcome. Positivity is an internal seed that helps us keep the right spirit and strength during troubled times.   

Positive thinking has made many people overcome situations that seemed intense and hopeless. How do you remain positive when storms are raging from all sides? Positivity is acquired by being grateful. Most of the time, we look at the negative things and fail to count our blessings. Being grateful for the time you have been healthy is an excellent way of remaining positive. This later translates into your faith being strengthened.  

5. Serve God and people

  Serving others exposes you to their situations and life in general. We get to appreciate God more when we interact with other people. It helps you realize that some are going through worse situations than you. On the other hand, when you serve God, you can operate from the point of surrender. This is where you leave everything to God and let Him be. It is another way of trusting in Him.  

Bottom Line

The above discussion shows ways through which you can strengthen your faith in troubled times. Life is full of ups and downs, and it is even becoming more difficult as the days go by. This leaves us exposed to temptations, pain, and uncertainty. However, keeping your faith alive is paramount. No matter what you are going through, you need to ensure your faith is strong because it will determine your victory.  

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